Send voxes from your shared inbox
In addition to assigning voxes and claiming them to reply from their own personal inboxes, your team members can now send voxes from your team's shared inbox - so that everyone can hear and be involved in the conversation!
Receive voxes as MP3 attachments in emails
It's now even easier to hear and save what your customers have to say! Quickly and easily download your customers' voxes as ready-made MP3 files to store for your own records and share with other customers online.
More styling options for hosted pages
Make your voice recorder fully your own by customising the borders of your container on hosted pages.
Edit your own Privacy Policy
Edit the wording of your own Privacy Policy.
Introducing multiple languages
We now support multiple languages (within the channel editor, on the reply page, in email notifications and in your published channels).
Track listens
Within your voice inbox, you can now track when your customers have listened to your voxes - and how many times they have played them back.
Pro and Team plans: Split screen functionality
Our new split screen feature allows you to display a document, design or PDF alongside your voice recorders on Vox pages, so you can guide your customers on exactly what to do or say - or give them important information that might help inform their vox!
Split screen GIF
Exclusive to Team plan: Auto-star voxes
Set voxes within certain channels to be automatically 'starred' as they arrive in your team's shared inbox. This feature is great for helping you manage and prioritise your customer communications, and is especially useful if your workflow is more about deselecting submissions, rather than selecting them.
Auto-star voxes
Exclusive to Team plan: Auto-deactivate channels
If you're only planning to run a particular channel for a set period of time, there's no need to remember to manually delete it! With our new auto-deactivation feature, you can set your channels to deactivate by themselves after your campaign is done - although you'll still be able to listen, respond and manage the voxes you received from that channel after deactivation occurs.
Auto-deactivate channels
Improved usability of the voice inbox
We've streamlined your voice inbox, so that it's even easier to manage your voxes and replies. For example, we've made it more intuitive to search for specific conversations using the search bar in the left panel, and improved the UI when switching between your personal and shared inboxes.
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